Leaders Communicate

Leaders must be great communicators. They must be able to adjust their communication style and content depending upon the audience. How do they communicate with employees vs. outsiders (board, investors, and analysts)? Some communications are simple, some are complex, some are technical but all must be motivational.

Communication is critical to the success of a company and is probably the weakest area for most. Many focus on communicating with the customers and prospects but neglect the internal communications between departments, teams, or the organization as a whole.

One of the fun ways Michael promoted internal communications was “Muffins with Michael”. Every other month, Michael hosted muffins and coffee in the conference room for the employees of his companies. For two hours, Michael was available to meet with any non-senior management employees who wanted to ask a question or hear firsthand the latest updates about the company. For employees, this meeting was a refreshing opportunity for them to speak to their CEO and feel that they were heard as well as speak honestly without fear of repercussion. For Michael, these sessions offered great insight, information and ideas from the people closest to the customers and marketplace.

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