About Acceleration Leadership

Acceleration Leadership helps technology executives recognize their unrealized potential by focusing on strategies to improve their effectiveness including leadership skills, managerial capabilities, communications plans, revenue models, marketing plans, services growth, channel strategies, sales models, liquidity and lead generation planning. We also help clients with financing strategies, liquidity and exit strategy planning.

Consider top athletes. They set goals and have performance-based assessments. How do they get better? They have multiple coaches. Consider today’s top professional athletes.  football, baseball and basketball players all have several coaches, each to fine tune various aspects of their performance. Executives are now seeing the benefits of engaging experts to assist them in performance. In fact, 87% of all Fortune 500 companies now have executive coaches.

Just as professional and amateur athletes use coaches to leverage their skills for greater success, executive coaching is the one of the fastest growing areas for performance improvement. Leaders today don’t have time to sit in classrooms, go to seminars, or read all the books necessary to figure out everything that is being thrown at them. They need a more focused, one-on-one learning experience.

Leveraging the leadership skills of an individual enables their organizations to accelerate success, resulting in a more efficient, profitable company.

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