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Michael Ker

Michael Ker is the founder and CEO of Acceleration Leadership, an executive coaching company focused specifically on rapidly growing the skills of technology executives.

Prior to founding Acceleration Leadership, Michael was President and CEO of three different companies with a core competency in innovative sales, marketing and revenue growth models.

Known for driving strong profitability, he has delivered solutions for manufacturing data collection and analysis technologies that increase the effectiveness of continuous improvement methods and metrics leveraging Lean, overall equipment effectiveness, total productive maintenance and Six Sigma strategies.

Michael’s keen focus on strategy, execution and results is why he is highly sought after today as a world class coach, speaker and board member. Michael climbed up the ranks in technology companies and was brought into three different companies as CEO & President.

He attributes much of his success both in the boardroom and in the swimming pool, to the coaches and mentors who accelerated and enhanced his skills to reach the top of his game. Michael has been helping other technology executives reach those same levels of success for over a decade.

Success included selling a company, cashing out of another, and becoming a world class athlete who swam in 3 World Championships and the 1976 Olympics. This success both in business and sports has given Michael the knowledge not only of “how to get to the top” but also how to use coaching to accelerate your skills to success. Michael used multiple swimming coaches to get to the top of his game and used multiple executive coaches as a CEO to keep accelerating his leadership skills.

Michael’s success has been recognized by the leading accounting firms including 3 straight years as Deloitte & Touche’s “50 Best Managed Companies and 3-time finalist Ernst &Young “Entrepreneur of The Year Award” as well as Ottawa Chamber of Commerce “Business Person of the Year.”

Michael swam in the 1976 Summer Olympics and on the 1977 National Championship team for USC where he earned a bachelor’s degree in business.

Michael currently sits on numerous outside corporate boards.

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